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Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to being able to answer your questions, show you photos and discuss your concerns. You will likely find many of your questions are answered here, but feel free to call us to make an appointment or get an estimated cost for treatment. All consultations are FREE!

How much does it cost?

During our initial consultation, we will estimate the amount of treatments your tattoo will need based on colors and size, with size being the overall factor. We will give you the most competitive price per treatment anywhere in Texas.

How many treatments will I need?

Every tattoo is unique and removing it depends on several factors like its size, color and the depth of penetration of the ink, among other considerations. An amateur tattoo may need two to five treatments; a professional multi-colored design might need five to 10 treatments.

Each removal session is fast and actually takes only minutes. Four-week intervals between sessions are required to allow pigment residue to be absorbed by the body. The longer the you wait between treatments, the more that will fade. So, if you’re planning ahead for a special event like a wedding, then you should plan your removal accordingly.

Do you charge for a consultation?

No, of course not. You will need to provide us with your health history, type of tattoo and age of tattoo, then one of our certified laser specialists (CLS) will explain the procedure, options for removal and answer any questions along with providing you with a price per treatment.

Can most tattoos be treated?

The good news is 99.9% of them are treatable. The great majority of tattoos, whether professional or amateur, respond to our laser treatments. Some pigments, especially green, orange and yellow are more difficult than other colors to eradicate, but even they usually respond following a prolonged course of treatments. What separates us from most tattoo removal clinics is that at DFW Tattoo Removal our state-of-the-art technology allows us to remove a full spectrum of colors whereas other clinics typically have only the technology to remove specific colors.

Does it hurt?

If it hurt to put the tattoo on, it is going to hurt to remove it. Just like getting a tattoo, certain areas will be more sensitive to the removal process. Everyone has a different pain tollerance as well, many people compare the removal process to baking grease jumping onto you while cooking. You will also have the option to use a 20/8/8 mix of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine that numbs the area for a short duration for only $15. This is a much higher mix than over-the-counter numbing creams you can obtain on your own.

Can you treat minors?

Absolutely! They are our favorite clients. If they’re under 18 years of age, we just need parental consent.

Will I have a scar?

The chances of scarring are virtually zero if you are compliant with the aftercare instructions given to you by your treating clinician. Any scarring present before you begin tattoo removal will remain after the tattoo ink has been removed; our lasers do not remove existing scars, only ink.

What should I do before my treatment?

Shave the area to be treated thoroughly, otherwise our laser technician will do so.

Apply topical anesthetic 20 to 30 minutes prior to treatment.

Avoid aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, or ibuprofen products

What do I need to do after I am treated?

First 24 hours:

  • Apply ice and compress periodically.
  • Rest and elevate the treated area.
  • Limit activities and avoid exercising, steam rooms, saunas or swimming.

After 24 hours and until healed:

  • Use an over-the-counter topical antibiotic to keep the area moisturized.
  • You may resume all activities except swimming (unless fully healed).
  • DO NOT POP BLISTERS or pick scabs or you may risk infection and scarring!
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds during healing process.
  • Wait approximately four weeks or longer between treatments.

Can I have just part of my tattoo removed?

Yes. We can take the face off your pin-up girl to have it redone. We can remove just the name on the banner across your heart. Our lasers are very accurate and remove in incriments of as low as 2mm at a time.

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