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Two Lasers for any Budget?

DFW Tattoo Removal in Colleyville specializes in laser tattoo removal. Our professional team is led by a board-certified physician, and our highly trained staff puts customer safety and comfort first. Our philosophy is to offer the best laser technology resulting in the most effective tattoo removal at the lowest prices in Texas. Since we're the market leader in DFW we're are one of the few clinics in the U.S. that utilizes two different lasers for tattoo removal depending upon your time frame and budget. The Candela Alex TriVantage which is a Q-switched YAG laser; the most common type of laser used for tattoo removal. Recently Pico lasers have become the new "Gold Standard" for tattoo removal. Our new PicoWay by Candela utilizes photoacoustic energy to shatter the ink into much smaller particles allowing your body to better absorb the ink naturally. The PicoWay is the fastest and most powerful Pico laser on the market. But more importantly, it's the only Pico that has three (3) wavelengths, so it can treat all tattoo colors on all skin types and colors safely. The Pico can remove a tattoo in as little as 4 to 6 months compare to 18 to 30 months.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today! We look forward to meeting you and answering any of your questions regarding tattoo removal. We will gladly show you various before and after photos of other satisfied clients. You will likely find many of your questions are answered on our FAQ page, but feel free to contact us by phone to schedule an appointment or get an estimated cost for your tattoo removal.

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PicoWay “The Gold Standard” in laser tattoo removal?

•PicoWay is the fastest Picosecond Laser System on the market. PicoWay 450ps vs Picosure 750ps. Faster means less thermal damage to the skin and creates a true photoacoustic shock wave.

•PicoWay has the highest peak power of any picosecond laser system. PicoWay 0.9gw vs Picosure 0.36gw. This means the peak power of the PicoWay is 4.5 times more than Picosure. The photoacoustic shock wave shatters the ink into the tiniest particles for the immune system to remove the pigment. This allows the immune system to process the ink through the body.

•PicoWay has 3 wavelengths of 1064nm, 785nm & 532nm. The Picosure has only 1 wavelength 755nm. PicoWay can treat all colors and skin types. Picosure can only treat black and cannot treat darker skin types safely.


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